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Книга: On Forsyte ‘Change -

  • Добавлена в библиотеку: 12 ноября 2013, 18:39
обложка книги On Forsyte ‘Change автора Джон Голсуорси

Автор книги: Джон Голсуорси

Жанр: Классическая проза, Классика

Язык: английский
Язык оригинала: русский

Размер: 240 Кб
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Foreword to “On Forsyte ‘Change”

Before a long suffering public and still more long suffering critics, I lay this volume of apocryphal Forsyte tales, pleading the two excuses: That it is hard to part suddenly and finally from those with whom one has lived so long; and, that these footnotes do really, I think, help to fill in and round out the chronicles of the Forsyte family.

They have all been written since ‘Swan Song’ was finished, but in place they come between the Saga and the Comedy, for without the Saga they would not be understood, and they are over before the Comedy begins. In the hope of forgiveness I send them forth.

John Galsworthy.

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