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Книга: Учения дона Хуана: Знание индейцев Яки -

  • Добавлена в библиотеку: 4 октября 2013, 00:06
обложка книги Учения дона Хуана: Знание индейцев Яки автора Карлос Кастанеда

Автор книги: Карлос Кастанеда

Жанр: Философия, Наука и Образование

Язык: русский
Язык оригинала: английский

Размер: 230 Кб
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Carlos Castaneda, under the tutelage of don Juan, takes us through that moment of twilight, through that crack in the universe between daylight and dark into a world not merely other than our own, but of an entirely different order of reality. Anthropology has taught us that the world is differently defined in different places. Don Juan has shown us glimpses of the world of a Yaqui sorcerer and Castaneda presents it in such a way that enables us to apprehend it with a reality that is utterly different from our own. This is the special virtue of this work. Castaneda asserts that this world has its own inner logic. He explains it from inside, as it were – from within his own rich and intensely personal experiences while under don Juan’s tutelage – rather than to examine it in terms of our logic. Through this experience, Castaneda leads us to understand that our own world is a cultural construct and from the perception of other worlds, we see our own for what it is.

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