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Книги автора Viktor Ogui

  • 26 октября 2015, 16:01
скачать книгу Impact of Tibetan singing bowls massage in the tradition Tsering Ngodrub on the human body автора Viktor Ogui

Жанр: Здоровье, Дом и Семья


Record No. 79—14 of scientific-and-trial approbation of December 25, 2014. Research objective: Comprehensive assessment of influence on the recipient’s functional status of a revitalizing procedure carried out by the evaluated specialist. The approbated health improvement method is the proprietary methodology of bioenergy correction: Traditional Tibetan Massage Using Resonance Bowls as per Tcering Ngodrub Tradition (Viktor Ogui) on the basis of health-improving practices applying resonance...

  • 19 октября 2015, 02:02
скачать книгу Tibetan singing bowls: a natural method of recovery автора Viktor Ogui

Жанр: Здоровье, Дом и Семья


Everything related to Tibetan singing bowls wrapped in an aura of mystery and myths today, among which there are stories, and there are real-world phenomena. Some of them can be explained scientifically, and some cannot be explained yet. Tibetan singing bowls is a very powerful therapeutic tool and Healing Arts in the capable hands of the Master. But in incompetent hands they can cause harm to the patient or as a practice shows, to the therapist also. This book has the answers to many...

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