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Книги автора Vasily Torpaev

  • 31 мая 2016, 13:00
скачать книгу Look at the sky автора Vasily Torpaev

Жанр: Дом и Семья: прочее, Дом и Семья


The main hero of the book, Vasily – simple laboratory SRI – lives with his family in a small provincial town. Like many of us, Vasily waiting for changes in life, dreaming for a better. One of ordinary days presents a meeting for young man, changing his monotonous gray days at a promising future. Using new interesting acquaintances, communicating with extraordinary talented people, it seemed, Vasily opened before himself a fantastic opportunity… together with a the hero of the book, you have to go through unexpected test, learn the hidden ability to communicate, and make own choices: to believe in the impossible or check everything...

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