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Автор книги: Anastasia Novykh

Жанр: Зарубежная эзотерическая и религиозная литература, Религия

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Anastasia Novykh
Sensei of Shambala
Book II

Sensei of Shambala. Book II

A stone fallen to the sand —

rustle of sand grains.

A wave reaching the land —

rustle of sand grains.

Your running headlong,

A foot in the sand —

rustle of sand grains.

Life is just a step,

And its years are rustle of sand grains.

Rigden Djappo


“But not everything is so bad. Moreover if you decided to stay, let them have one more chance and let me…”

At this moment a light breeze flashed by over the sea brightening the moonlit path. The last one sparkled charmly with its silvery plays alluring to the mysterious expanse. The nature as if intentionally teased the Creature, on the one side surrounding It by its eternity, and on the other side by its natural earthly beauty. Obviously this easy capful of wind hid some innermost mystery known only by it. “If you want it so much, go ahead, try it. When we are still here there is a bit of time…” “But the field is ripened long ago. And the bushes of weed are growing too fast and overburden the Earth… The crops are too weak, though they were carefully cultivated: the seconds of illusion overshadowed for them the reality of the eternity.” “However, I hope to find out…”

The new capful of wind brought away the words to its endless expanses. Two parts of the Creature again united themselves in their essence. A short silence reigned. Only the fire crackled softly with its burning branches. Fine thin twigs quickly turned down to the charry formless ashes. It was so strange as only one instant passed by but it seemed that this odd matter has never existed as if it has never happened to be.


All the guys ran to swim. Finally it happened so that Sensei was left alone. He stood in the shoal water gradually getting used to the water temperature. Taking advantage of his loneliness I started to tell him my strange dream about the Red Horseman which I had seen in my dreams last night. This unusual vision impressed me by its unordinary realism, brightness and emotionality. Telling it to Sensei I complained that I couldn’t recall its meaning, and remember only that it was very important for me. Contrary to my expectations that he would fully decode this dream from physiological and philosophical points of view, Sensei only smiled and, looking at me somehow mysteriously, said, “The time will come, and you will know everything.”

These words fully intrigued my person but Sensei didn’t add anything to them. Having left me completely confused he joined the group of our guys who had a lot of fun trying to stop the incoming waves with their athletic bodies. “It’s a strange dream. And a strange answer. What could it mean?” I thought about it again.

Observing Sensei from aside I couldn’t stop wondering how natural he was in all spheres of life. In our group he wasn’t too much remarkable, although maybe only by his bigger fortitude and very good sense of humour. But if we touched, figuratively saying, the strings of his spiritual life, they brought such a nice melody charming with its unordinary sublimity, simplicity, elegancy and at the same time with unusual wisdom which really attracted everybody to him…

He was an extraordinary mysterious Human. Analyzing my past I made an interesting conclusion: everything whatever Sensei came across, started to get changed. I was lost in guesses how he managed to do it? Take for example my destiny. Half a year ago despite my 17 years my body was on the verge of death. And at that difficult period of my life when I was almost completely desperate and my relatives’ eyes were full of sorrow and condolence, exactly at that ‘last moment’ I met Sensei, the martial arts’ master, whose knowledge and abilities evidently exceeded the limits of common people.

Sensei literally changed not only my destiny but the whole world in my perception. Now I’m pretty sure that this meeting was not a happy fortuity as I had thought before. Putting altogether all the ‘unexpected fortuities’ that unavoidably brought me to certain consequences in my life, I became sure that this meeting was rather a rule, a manifestation of Somebody’s will from above. And if thanks to Sensei I stayed alive then it means Somebody needs it.

But what for? And why? What can I do in order to fulfil the task I was left for? It’s difficult to guess about something you don’t know. How can someone get know the full intention of the Higher forces? It happens often that an occasional meeting, a word, even a wordless action may cause such a flow of events that invisibly will lead to some global changes both for some individuals and for society as a whole. But an ordinary person who gave this original impulse will probably stay unaware of the general result of his doing as he lives in the limited little world of his thoughts and surrounding of exclusively ‘his reality’. And what is really striking is that everybody adds every day, even without knowing it, by the will of his own choice his small contribution to this increasing snow ball of coming events.

I intuitively felt that the clue to the true sense of my destiny lays in this mysterious dream. And as every curious person I wanted to know everything at once and in details. But a mystery continued to be a mystery.


After the good breakfast our big group laid down on the sand putting our bodies to the tender rays of the morning sun. Our group consisted of enthusiasts of different age, we had a common passion to the martial arts (and not only), and were unanimous in our special and sincere respect to our coach Igor Mikhailovich whom we called in a friendly way as ‘Sensei’.

Sensei was really an extraordinary personality. By his appearance he didn’t distinguish himself from our group. He was a young athletic man with blond hair. Although a careful observer could notice at first glance his unusually eagle and wise eyes. But despite of that… the eldest and the most significant was our 40-years old phychoterapist Nikolai Andreevich. The most serious one was Volodya, the old friend of Sensei, who was in charge of some secret service department. The loudest one was Viktor, our senior sempai, the young policeman. The most funny, humorous ones were Eugene and his friend Stas, tall athletic guys from the senior group. And the youngest ones were Ruslan and Yura as well as our merry group which once had watched films about martial arts, went to look for a good Teacher and found such a knowledge source as Sensei. We didn’t expect even in our dreams that such unique individuals do exist in this world. ‘Our merry group’ means Andrew, Kostya, Slava, Tatyana and me. This year we finished school and passed all exams. School was left in the past and the whole life with its sorrows and joys, victories and defeats, ups and downs was before us. We were right in that uncertain ‘in between’ which seemed to us the best time for the ‘respite’.

It was only the third day of our unforgetable vacation with Sensei on the sea coast. But what a nice vacation it was! It was that very golden time when you have a chance not only to have a rest with your best friends but also to enrich yourself with outstanding impressions, and the most important, with wisdom due to the hearty communication with Sensei.

Slava and Yura headed by Volodya, following the army order, went to the sea to clean the dishes with the sand as it was their turn that morning. The boys didn’t have any objections to do that. It was enough of light reminder from Volodya, who said in a deep commander voice “Let’s go!” and they grasped enthusiastically the pots. This funny scene caused the whole flow of jokes towards Volodya. But the last one wasn’t confused by that and replied in a military manner, “The order is the order.”

Nikolai Andreevich took again a book which he used to read from time to time already for three days. Judging by the questions which he raised during the discussion with Sensei, the book concerned obviously his psychoterapeutic activity. He argued that psychology was unfortunately still a young science and that nowadays a good psychologist must be also a good philosopher as namely philosophers stood at the origin of the philosophy as a science.

“Take, for example, Socrates, one of the initial founders of the psychology. Listen to his remarkable words,” Nikolai Andreevich opened a marked page and read aloud, “One should not cure eyes separately from head and head separately from body as well as one should not cure body without curing soul…” And one more, “Cure soul… with corresponding spells, the last ones are nothing else than right talks,” Nikolai Andreevich accentuated the last words, “these talks inspire good sense in soul, and good sense facilitates appearance of health in head and in body.” Nikolai Andreevich kept silence, looked through the page and continued, “Having heard my words Critias exclaimed ‘My Socrates, the headache would be a true gift of Hermes for a young man if it forced him to improve his mind to cure it!’”

“That’s true,” Sensei smiled.

“You see, it was written forteen centuries ago but it’s still relevant today.”

“Sure, because wisdom has no time boundaries.”

“Right, Socrates correctly noticed it.”

“Socrates only imparted knowledge he had been taught. Socrates would not be Socrates if he hadn’t met Crito on his way, who was attracted by his kind heart and who gave him the proper education. Therefore you are deeply wrong when you think that psychology takes its origin from Socrates. The knowledge given by the Teacher to Socrates and later to his followers was only a remote echo of the real knowledge of the ancients… The psychology is a more ancient science than anyone may imagine. And not the new one. Its forefathers and founders weren’t Socrates, Williams James, nor Le Bon, Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler and others. These people tried only to partly restore step-by-step the information given to people once as a whole one and which was carelessly lost with the time… And in general this science has its roots in the extreme antiquity.”

“With respect to philosophy maybe. But not the scientific theory and practice?” Nikolai Andreevich was sincerely surprised.

“Why?” objected Sensei, “it concerned the science first of all. The ancients possessed such knowledge which stands far ahead our days. If today the psychology tries only to study the structure of the personality, general patterns, laws of communication between people, the ancients considered it as just a superficial philosophy as they possessed more subtle knowledge of psychology due to different psychotechnics. They studied the depths of themselves, of their soul and not of their Ego. And the psychology science starts right from the self-cognition. The more one cognizes himself, the better he will understand not only others but the world as a whole.”

“Wait but the modern psychology possesses quite a lot of different psychotechnics.”

“Right but which ones? As a rule, they are the most primitive and, take notice, that they mostly directed to the material nature. Can you consider the modern humanity as a spiritually developed society with its modern development of the psychology science? Of course, not. The reason is that the modern psychology touches mostly the very low level, it tries to solve the problems of conflicts caused by the human Ego. To put it simple, it boils in the clear soup of the Animal nature despite the fact that its primary goal is to understand the human soul. With such a relation between the ‘theory’ and ‘practice’ you understand what a contradictory future awaits for it. That is, frankly speaking the modern psychology tries to reconcile the egoism with megalomania.”

“In principle, it’s one and the same,” the psychoterapist remarked delicately.

“I think so, too,” Sensei emphasized giving time to Nikolai Andreevich to deeply realize the sense of his words. “In no way do I diminish the meaning of psychology in the modern world. It’s a good and useful discipline. It’s really worth developing, it helps people to tackle stress and to fight with their fears. But I have one question to you, doctor. Tell me, why psychologists aren’t able to put in order their own minds trying meanwhile to get into the minds of others?”

“Well…why?” Nikolai Andreevich drawled slowly and answered lively in a while, “Everybody likes to make money”.

They laughed both, and after that the psychoterapist continued the conversation.

“If the ancients possessed such knowledge, then does it mean that they had the golden age?”

“Right you are. It was exactly like that.”

Nikolai Andreevich reflected for a while and then asked, “Which ancient times do you mean? During the time of our civilization?”

I noticed that Nikolai Andreevich adressed Sensei sometimes in familiar friendly manner and sometimes in official respectful way.

“I would not regard even the beginning of our civilization as ancient times. Our civilization exists only some twelve thousand years. Though in the beginning of it the humankind was given partly certain knowledge, including that one of psychology as well.”

“It was given knowledge? I wonder who was given it?”

“This knowledge was spread throughout the whole world: in Europe, Asia, Africa, South and North America. It was kept as secret knowledge by wisemen in tribes of Ancient Egypt, India, Mesopotamia, Siberia, China. But despite its wide geographical spreading it was nevertheless lost with the time. That’s why you, gentlemen, have to invent a wheel again.”

“Still it’s rather strange. How was it possible that this knowledge was given to people on the different continents, and moreover in tribes? And what is more interesting, who was able to give it? As far as I know, the ocean was an insuperable obstacle at that time. There were no airplanes, and it was almost impossible to sail across it.”

“In your vision, one surely needs some technical means or devices in order to do it. But the ancients managed to do it only due to their abilities. I intentionally mentioned about their suble knowledge of human psychics. They were able to use their abilities. And those things which are argued today such as levitation, telekinesis, teleportation, telepathy and so on were just a normal reality for the ancients. It was so natural as for example cycling or swimming for us …”

“Wow!” Ruslan interrupted them with undue familiarity. Like us he was an occasional listener of the conversation of our ‘experts’. “We would also like to possess such knowledge! If we could fly by our wish, it would be so cool! Sensei, may we learn it?”

Sensei looked at the guy first seriously but then he smiled slightly.

“Of course, you may.”

“Can you tell us in all the details how to do it?” Ruslan tried to put his question in a ‘smart’ way.

Sensei kept silence for a while looking at him with a light smile on his face and then answered, “It’s simple. You see, the main thing in this stuff is your attitude, your wish, the internal mood and what is more important is your great desire to try levitation. The very principle of levitation is not difficult. Its main kernel is your wish…”

“This is more or less clear but in details… I mean physically?” Ruslan tried to find it out, frowning his eyebrows as if it were an enigma beyond his understanding.

“In details? Let’s put it this way. Everybody is a generator of an individual torsion field. This torsion field effects photons of physical space surrounding it and interacts with torsion fields of other individuals. To launch the effect of levitation, that is of your physical body flying in the air, you should give a certain impulse with the help of psychic energy and to transform the kinetic energy into potential and vice versa. It causes the powerful splash of psychic energy as a result of adrenalin discharge and that will launch the enormous stimulation of torsion field of another person and will impact considerable growth and acceleration of your energy potential.

“So, when you concentrate mentally, certain spin structures arise in labile spin system, that is in your brain, and they duplicate the spacial frequency structure of the formed image. This information, in its turn, will be transmitted not only to the body as a whole, but to the surrounding space and it interacts this way with photons, that is with quanta of electromagnetic emission. At certain conditions, and namely with personal force and precise concentration of thoughts, it comes to an effect which lets you afterwards drastically diminish your weight. And further it’s a matter of techiques. Just take into account that the more power you will give to your generator of stable thought, the longer the effect of levitation will dure. It’s simple physics and there is nothing difficult or extraordinary in it…”

The guys tried to listen attentively to each word of Sensei. I didn’t grasp even a half of what he said and just tried to remember his words writing them down in my mind so that to put them word by word to my diary. And Nikolai Andreevich was just chap-fallen after he had heard all of that and he had such an air as if he were a first-year student listening to someone presenting at least a PhD thesis.

“That is, everything depends on your internal will-power. Because this power is enormous. In ancient times, for example, people were able to lift up in the air such huge devices as ‘vimans’ just due to their will-power, that is by the psychic energy of concentrated thought, not saying about their own bodies. The ancients were able to lift up and to move hundreds of tons. Why did they manage to do it? Because these people possessed the discipline of their mind… The main thing is the concentration on the desired result, only then the psychic energy will be accumulated. There should be only one final goal, precise and clear. You should feel and imagine the whole process in reality…

Ruslan looked determined and goal-seeking during an explanation by Sensei. The guy seemed to burn with the desire to put the words into practice immediately.

“Sensei, does it take long to learn it?” Ruslan jabbered with enthusiasm.

“Well, if to speak seriously, it takes of course some time to learn levitation for hours. But levitation for a few seconds can be practiced by almost every beginner.”

“Wow!” Ruslan said with admiration. “May I try it right now?”

“Why not? Everything is possible if you wish it strongly.”

“But how? What should I do?” Ruslan inquired hastily.

“Well, in this case, it is very important to master a quick start at the beginning stage. I won’t promise you a long levitation first time, but a minute or so of free flight is quite real. You are unlikely to be able to stand more. At least after getting over the critical point you will be able to run a few seconds on the water.”

“Really? On its surface?” Ruslan exclaimed with joy.

“Of course… It’s very important to consider the speed and the impulse force of a push…”

At these words I recalled about pond-skaters, how quickly and easily these insects slide on the water surface. I recollected zoology lessons and thought, “If to take into account the small weight and the film of surface tension of water, so maybe this process is quite possible.”

Our group became agitated. Ruslan prepared to start towards the sea with concentrated air and listened carefully to Sensei. Other guys observed this process with interest. Eugene and Stas started to give hints to Ruslan how to make a good start. Andrew and Kostya expressed their desire to be next participants of this experiment. I and Tatyana looked already with envy at ‘lucky’ Ruslan who will be the first among our group to levitate in the air.

At this moment Kostya asked Sensei with all his enthusiasm, “Maybe I can try it instead of Ruslan, to make this experiment pure. I have two kilos less than he.”

“Two kilos less, two kilos less”, – Ruslan teased him. “The one who asked first, will levitate first! Take your turn.”

“There is no difference,” Kostya waved with his hand. “Sensei, maybe we will levitate together with him? In case if he is unable to do it the right way?”

“We will see who will be unable to do it the right way!” Ruslan protested. “Go away, man, you only disturb my concentration…”

Sensei only smiled at such a boyish fervor and continued his instructions, “Why are you getting so anxious, guys? Everybody will have enough time to try it, if you wish. I repeat once again, the most important thing is to take a good start…”

“Will I feel something during it… physically?” Ruslan asked zealously looking sideways at Kostya who tried to join him.

“For sure. You will have certain feelings. When you take off, for example, you will have a sharp change of pulse frequency. It will increase up to forty units. The coherence of wave processes in your brain will also change. At take-off first your breathing will be fully stopped, and then its pattern will change. In general, don’t worry about the range of your sensations. Be sure that its complete set is already guaranteed for you. The main thing for you now is to take a good start. Did you understand?”

Ruslan stood fully strained, so to say, on the alert.

“I see, I see,” he reported. “What should I do next? How can I take off the land?”

Sensei replied, “Oh, don’t worry about that, you will take off for sure. The main thing is to take a very good start. Look, you should have no outside thoughts in your head. The main thing is your goal. Your goal is flight.”

“I see, I see! Well, the goal is set up. No thoughts. What should I do next?”

“Next,” uttered Sensei, “you run up and… hit Volodya to the back.”

With there words he pointed at our military man. The last one was right bent over and washed the dishes at the sea coast. Well, Volodya stood in the good ‘start position’ for the ‘initial take-off’ of Ruslan.

“And that’s all! The following levitation is guaranteed for you.”

A silence reigned. The guys glanced amazed at our military man Volodya and then back to Sensei and tried to figure out what had happened. But this silent scene frozen in time didn’t dure long. The first one who grasped what Sensei said was Nikolai Andreevich. He burst out laughing so loud until he cried. The other guys started to get it a bit later. But when even I ‘saw the light’ the whole sea coast was shaken with loud laughter of our group and ‘kind mutual concessions’ of Ruslan and Kostya of the right on the first ‘flight’. Even our guys on duty turned to us on hearing our roars of laughter and hurried on to join us with half-washed pans. Dying from curiosity they tried for ten minutes to pump out of our laughing group what actually had happened there.

After that the guys calmed down a bit and most of them ran to swim, experiencing in jest a ‘new method of levitation’ at each other. Only then Nikolai Andreevich returned to the conversation with Igor Mikhailovich he was so interested in which was interrupted so unmannerly by the stupid curiosity of Ruslan.

“I cant’t get it, first of all, who could tell this knowledge to the ancients and second how were able those ancient tribes understand this science by their primitive mind?”

“The thing is that those tribes weren’t primitive. They were survived descendants of the Atlants’ civilization. Their mind wasn’t primitive as you think. It was the same like ours. As during all this time the human brain wasn’t changed. Moreover, they used the possibilities of the human brain much better and more effectively than we.”

“Do you mean that they were much more intellectually developed than we?”

“Maybe it sounds paradoxically for you but it’s true. If to count in a percentage proportion, it means that now we use only 10% of our possibilities and they used more that 50%. Just count it. It means that they were five times more clever than we despite all our illusionary ‘high technological’ development of our times.”

“But how could it be possible?”

“The thing is that in fact we only come up to the mastering of our possibilities. However, in the beginning of this civilization people with high potential of their mental possibilities simply degradated, that is they went from their big achievements to small. It’s normal as those isolated groups were remnants of previous highly developed civilization. Later their descendants lost the former possibilities and knowledge, so to say fully degradated, and then they started from the beginning again. The main problem is that highly developed civilizations are very dependant on the external factors,” Sensei looked at the sky. “Take for example the Sun. Modern scientists assume that its resources are enough for a billion of years. And then it can expand and die out and as a result all living beings will disapear on the Earth. But first of all these are only their assumptions and guesses as scientists know little about the Sun. And second, even now a solar megaflare directed to the Earth can happen any moment. And if it happens there will be nothing left on the Earth just in three days. There will be in the best case only small isolated groups of people who will face an acute problem of survival. As if you want to eat even plants, first you have to grow them and in order to do it you have to find their seeds. But even if not to take into account a global catastrophy, just imagine what will happen to us if to leave us now without electricity, gas, oil, to put is simply, all benefits of civilization. We will be practically unadapted to survival. It happened like this that time…”

“Right, in such a way ‘hunters’ and ‘gatherers’ appeared in the history,” the doctor smiled sadly, “with sudden flashes of astronomic and mathematical knowledge peculiar to higher civilization.” “That’s true. First there were tribes and communities. Then religions started to appear. Some individuals usurped power and were interested in degradation of intellect of the masses. It’s easier to control narrow-minded people. This is how we, my dear Nikolai Andreevich, came to what we have.”

“Well,” the psychoterapist drawled sorely and after a short reflection he added, “You are right, the human is first of all a consumer of various goods of civilization and just a small part of the chain of their reproduction. And if there will be nothing, what will happen then? He will not be able even to build a house. Because apart from theoretical knowledge you need also a bulk of inventions of civilization such as bricks, cement, nails etc. Otherwise…” Nikolai Andreevich shrugged his shoulders.

“Otherwise only a hut or an earth-house,” Sensei joked.

“Right, it will be a cave in the best case,” Nikolai Andreevich kept up his joke. “If to analyze in details what can a modern man do if he happens to stay face to face with the nature? Nothing good, indeed.”

“That’s true… And some especially lazy individuals even have no idea about elementary things, for example, how and what can be grown,” Sensei said half in jest. “Their food ‘grows’ in shops, already nicely packed. What can be said else about it?”

Having heard it I started to ‘fit’ what was said to my person. I tried to quickly recollect the experience of my family when we lived in the country and what and how my mother grew in the garden. And in general what I know how to do in this life and what not. There were so many gaps in ‘elementary knowledge’ that I was scared. And I decided to fill all these gaps as soon as I can. I planned to ask the elder generation how they managed to survive during the war when there were severe conditions, hunger, ruins. And I aimed to take part in all possible activities in our cottage works and really to learn all those ‘elementary’ things, according to Sensei. Because one thing is when you are forced to do something and quite another when you burn with the desire to learn.

Our “sages” again laughed on their jokes and then Sensei suggested: “All right, doctor, that’s enough to talk about “sad things”, let’s go to swim.” And having looked at the location of the sun in the sky he added in philosophical manner. “While we have such an opportunity.”

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