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Текст книги "Yellow balloon"

  • Текст добавлен: 11 апреля 2016, 14:00

Автор книги: Alexander Plechko

Жанр: Учебная литература, Детские книги

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Alexander Plechko
Yellow balloon

The forest was already getting dark and Little Bear began to prepare for bed.

After washing and brushing his teeth he laid down in bed with his most favorite book.

It was a book about space and spaceships.

Little Bear dreamed that someday he would have a real spaceship and he would definitely get into a mysterious adventure on it.

Having read the story, Little Bear peeped out of the window at the sky.

Suddenly one of the little stars slipped and began to fall.

Having flown along the horizon it disappeared behind the forest.

"How can it be?! – Little Bear thought. – Why has a little star fallen?

Maybe it fell because it was very young and unexperienced?.."

He looked at the sky again. He thought he might even show the exact place where the little star was. "What if it needs my help?!" – Little Bear asked himself and went to search for it.

He hasn’t had to go out so late in the forest.

Little Bear was too young and afraid of the dark and nocturnal animals.

But the desire to help the little star was stronger than his fear.

"I need to get used to the darkness, – Little Bear thought – because I want to become an astronaut and space is always dark".

Little Bear walked and admired the night forest.

It seemed it was fabulous and full of magical wonders.

Having come out of the forest, Little Bear saw a small lake and there was a yellow shining from its depth.

The little star landed straight into the water. It wasn’t visible from the shore.

"How can I get it..?" – Little Bear wondered.

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