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  • 5 апреля 2015, 17:34
Скачать книгу Nothing Happens Just Like That автора Alin A

Жанр: Современная русская литература, Современная проза


Two different lives from different time period

Masha lives in Russia. In spite of all the tragedies and sorrows of the Second World War, she is happy as ever. First love, first kiss. But no one knows what the irony of the destiny has prepared for her…

Life of Adriane in United States in twenty first century seems to be monotone and boring until she meets the dream man of her life and falls in love with him. But after a car accident, her life also changes…

Do these two women’s lives have anything in common? Seems like.

They have even more than something in common.

One of them is supposed to explore the most mystical and nearly impossible facts about...

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